About Empower

Hi I’m Coach Nicole.

Growing up I was a highly active equestrian and involved in the YMCA. But I was never that…Skinny girl.

Actually quite the opposite.

In my early 20’s, I was in a car accident, which led me to my true passion in fitness and helping others, while she strengthened my own self in the process.

Having also worked in the Corporate world for over 14 years as an engineer, I understand that crunch time.

I didn’t have 3 hours to do a workout..

Forget calorie counting..

I found something that worked though, and it took as little as 15 minutes a day.

I Help women going through metabolism issues win the battle with their weight by eating and working out however they want without sabotaging results.

I’ve been through this.

I know its hard…

And with so much out there its hard to pick what is right.

Let me teach you how to get the results you desire through resistance training, smart nutrition and most importantly without wasting hours in the gym.

I am committed to educating you on your journey to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. I can’t wait to welcome you into my community of women and help you achieve your goals

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THE MIND: We train the mind by educating our clients on various healthy living strategies and the actual benefit of each exercise being performed in any given workout program. We also provide our clients with what we call “Daily Food For Thought” which is a daily exercise designed to help boost our clients confidence and self-esteem

THE SOUL: We train the soul by feeding it passion, and providing our clients with a 24/7 support group. We surround our clients with a team of professionals that support them through every step of our program. We provide daily inspiration and accountability to help our clients stay motivated and focused, from start to finish


24/7 diet support and guidance is included in our service.

Our team is always available via text message when clients need us most! We will also connect clients to our private community via our company app that is dedicated specifically to this program and is monitored by our top trainers and staff.


Time to stop saying tomorrow and take the proven steps towards the change you desire to see and feel today!

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Look no further as Empower Fitness can help you gain confidence and feel good!