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If something you wish to implement is NOT listed here, just ask…


We have found that a thorough “Site Survey”, coupled with a detailed “Employee Survey” provides invaluable information about what your company is really looking for from a wellness program.

These surveys can save time and money by preventing the wrong programs from being put in place based upon faulty assumptions.

If you would like a complimentary Site Survey, just fill out the contact form and we will schedule a visit right away.


With Speaking and Presenting, the real goal of any speaker is to inspire some sort of lasting, positive change from listeners. Motivating audiences to take action regarding health and wellness can be the most difficult goal to achieve.

I have been doing just that for quite some time.

Providing current, science-based information in a provocative and sometimes contrarian manner consistently jolts my audiences out of complacency towards positive action and behavioral change.

Keep in mind, if your organization’s culture calls for a custom presentation, we work with you to design the most effective solution.

Here is a listing of possible topics:

The Power and Process of Making A Change

Successful Strategies for a Maturing Workforce

Road Warrior Fitness – “Sell Fit or Lose!”

Stress Reduction In and Out of the Workplace

Real World Weight Management Solutions

Sane Fitness Approaches For All Ages


18 Anti-Aging Strategies

The Sugar Roller Coaster

Inflammation – The New Enemy

Many additional topics are available in the vast and changing field…just ask!

Other Popular Presentation Options:

The Truth About Wheat, Gluten, and Grains

Fitness Past 50

The NEW Cholesterol Facts

Food and Mood: The Mind-Body Connection

Staying Sharp As We Age

The Energy Formula

Vitamins and Supplements for Those Over 50


Trying to design a modern, efficient fitness facility can be challenging. All too often companies invest 10’s of thousands of dollars on machine-based circuits which only a few can use at a time and most never use at all.

Entire wellness budgets can be wasted making this critical error.

We have designed multiple facilities from those with tiny budgets to large. Our goal is to design a facility which promotes frequent use and is inclusive of everyone’s needs and abilities.

Let us help you create a modern, functional room everyone can enjoy.


Like Facility Design, choosing the right equipment goes beyond treadmills and weights. This is also an area investments can be easily wasted. We can use our buying power to secure you the best value on the most appropriate equipment for your situation.

We leverage our strong relationships with multiple manufacturers to make sure your equipment budget is put to good use.


Let’s face it…as fitness professionals, this is our specialty! We have conducted countless large group classes and personal sessions in a variety of settings.

Our number one priority is safety…followed closely by participation and enjoyment. If it isn’t fun and effective, no program will last.

We structure our sessions to challenge those employees at the highest fitness level as well as customize our movements to accommodate those needing more assistance.

We also test and design programs for high-risk clients, executives as well as the “road warriors” throughout the company.


Few topics present more confusion, yet can produce the great returns than nutrition.

FACT: Nearly 70% of weight loss is achieved through proper nutritional change.

We use an industry-leading, on-line software allowing each employee to tailor their diet to meet their specific needs.

This approach allows us to scale to any size company, deal with any location; all with a personal touch!

NOTE: Our diets are designed by a registered dietician to assure effectiveness and safety.

No crazy fad diets here, just real world solutions for the long term.

Site and Employee Surveys

Lunch‘n Learn & Conference Presentations

Facility Design

Equipment Acquisition

Group Exercise Classes & One-on-One Training

Nutrition Coaching

Lifestyle/Behavioral Change Coaching

On-going Educational Classes

Contest Design & Implementation


Few things are more difficult to achieve the breaking a bid habit or starting a new good one. For decades, fitness coaches could only guess what clients were doing when they were not in front of them.

However, modern technology now let’s fitness and health professionals impact behavior beyond the workout room.

By using web-based software and by attacking specific habits, our software educates and reminds employees how to avoid the pitfalls that caused their issues in the first place.

Habit change can take as little as 21 days; all with the convenience of your smart phone.


Subjects like Stress Reduction and Nutrition simply cannot be covered in a single presentation. They are far too complex.

In order for the motivational impact to last, we have used our curriculum design expertise to create weekly classes to reinforce topics like these.

Courses can be any duration and usually meet 1 hour per week.

Most subject (such as those listed under ‘Speaking and Presenting”) can be expanded into an on-going course to help your employees truly implement change.

Ask us how we can tailor a course to suit the needs of your employees.


While short term in nature, contests can be a fun and challenging way to introduce fitness classes or nutritional changes to your company.

The best part is, we run everything. There is no need to add anything else to your already full schedule.

We have run individual weight loss, team and multiple facility events. We will work with you to provide appropriate incentives, motivation and communication. Contests can be any length but usually run anywhere from 6-10 weeks.

Let’s kick off your next wellness initiative with one of these events!

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