Are You Ready To... TIGHTEN, TONE, AND TRANSFORM Your Body For Life?

Introducing My Women’s ONLY Fitness Program…


With Nicole Renee

What Will We Cover On Your Body Breakthrough Session Call?

  • #1 Where are you right now with your fitness? What is your current fitness lifestyle?
  • ​#2 What are your future fitness goals? In a perfect world, what would your body look like?
  • #3 What process can we take to help you reach your future fitness goals? Build a fitness process together that can transform your current body into your dream body.

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Who Is Nicole Renee?

Imagine spending your life living in a 4ft tall house.

Everything from your front door to your kitchen to your living room to your closet to your bedroom has a 4ft tall ceiling.

You have everything you need, but just never feel like you can stand up straight and be PROUD of the woman you are.

If you can imagine that, you have a pretty good understanding of what my life was like for a very, very long time.

I was working a corporate job where I didn’t feel recognized for all my hard work…

I was trapped in a marriage that felt like a dead end without the happy, fairytale ending I’d always wanted...

And because I spent so much time always trying to make everyone ELSE happy, I never took the time to make me happy…

I was overweight, depressed, and just...angry

Angry with my boss… Angry at my husband… Angry at the world…

But worst of all...I was angry with myself.

Growing up I always imagined myself living this “perfect” life where I had my dream body, my dream job, my dream family.

But I could just never quite get there. And that’s when I had my car accident…

It was early morning and I was driving to a local horse farm to train some horses (btw I LOVE horses).

I came to a blinking light intersection without a single car around me.

Like a good driver, I stopped and pulled through the intersection going maybe 10 miles per hour when a Ford Expedition smashed into my driver's side door.

It was going so fast I didn’t even see it coming. Suddenly everything just went black...

I woke up a few hours later in the ER with a broken pelvis, broken shoulder, broken collarbone, and 2 fractured vertebrae. And if I would have had a mirror, I would have also seen that half my face had been lacerated off my skull.

I had lived...but just barely

I spent 2 weeks in the ER where the doctors eventually told me I would never walk, exercise, or ride horses ever again.

My dull life had turned into a living nightmare (At least it wasn’t boring anymore right? Lol.)

I don’t know where you are right now in your life if you’re reading this page, but if I had to guess…

...I would say that you are here because you are craving CHANGE.

You want to feel...MORE. You want to improve your health…

Be recognized for your discipline and hard work… And feel PROUD of your body...

Let me assure you that this IS possible for you to do. You can improve your health… Develop the dream body you’ve always wanted…

And improve your ENTIRE life through fitness…

How do I know this is possible for you?

Because 6 months after I went into the ER after my car accident:
  • I was walking again
  • Exercising again
  • And riding horses again
Even though the doctors told me I’d be crippled for the rest of my life.

If I can learn how to walk again and prove doctors wrong through fitness, you can transform your health, your body, and your entire life in just 6 months inside my Tight, Toned, and Transformed Fitness Program as well.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Just listen to what my clients are saying!

What Exactly Are You Getting

In The Tight, Toned, And Transformed Fitness Program?

I built the Tight, Toned, And Transformed Fitness Program to be a 6 month journey to transforming your entire life. That means burning off excess fat…

Toning your muscles to build strong, sexy curves… And stepping into a transformed life of your dreams… To help you do this, I’ve built 3 key pillars into this program.

Pillar #1

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is a piece of almost every human transformation from spiritual enlightenment to body transformation to improving your romantic relationships.

This is why, as a member of Tight, Toned, And Transformed, you will get access to our private EMPOWER FIT App.

Through this app you will be delivered 3x custom built workouts per week modified to your body.

This ensures you will always be making physical progress without injury or extreme discomfort.

Pillar #2


Eating right can get you fast and transformative results faster than almost any other practice on Earth.

Most people are disconnected from proper nutrition though, and that’s why you will get a personalized nutrition plan delivered to you through the EMPOWER FIT App.

This plan will include a 60 second/day food diary where you spend just 1 minute per day tracking your nutrition so we can slowly build a healthy, happy, and SATISFYING nutrition plan that works for your lifestyle.

Pillar #3


As your coach, it is my job to guide you into getting Tight, Toned, And Transformed.

To help you make your transformation I’ve included a number of accountability tools inside this program.

Inside the EMPOWER FIT we will be able to track your progress day after day to ensure you are making strong steps forward in the program through my unique “habit stacking roadmap”. But let’s be honest, sometimes there will be plateaus. In fitness sometimes you will stall out and stop making progress. But don’t panic...

Plateaus are NORMAL.

But as your coach it’s my job to help you break through these plateaus. And that’s why I will be doing check-ins with you every single week to see how you feel and customize your plan to match where you are in your fitness journey with video feedback.

And if the time ever comes where you need 1-1 live help from me, you can always book a 1-1 call where we can go over any questions you have together.

The last part of this accountability pillar is our GROUP accountability.

1-1 support is great, but group support is scientifically proven to be even more effective.

That’s why you will be invited to our Slack Chat Support Group.

This is not a “business” group where you have tasks to do every day. This is a SUPPORT group where you can reach out to me or any of the other women in the Tight, Toned, And Transformed Community for anything you need.


bonus #1

TTT Recipe Book

Eating healthy can be HARD if the food you’re eating doesn’t taste good!

That’s why I’ve built this recipe book for you to have healthy AND tasty food options to make for yourself at home!

And don’t worry, most of the meals in this recipe book here only take a few minutes to prepare ;)

($197 VALUE)

bonus #2

TTT Girls Night Out Guide

Fitness should not be something that ruins your social life and forces you to stay home instead of going out with your girlfriends!

That’s why I built this Girls Night Out Guide so you can eat out at restaurants without feeling guilty about “breaking your diet”.

Fitness is supposed to be FUN. And that’s why I’ve built this guide for you to have fun and be fit.

($297 VALUE)

bonus #3

Weekly “Anti-Boredom” Recipes

So many of my clients ask me what I eat, so I decided to start sharing my recipes every week with you.

These recipes are great alternatives to popular foods that are healthy AND tasty to eat. (Trust me, I wouldn’t eat them if they didn’t taste good)!

They’ll be delivered to you through the EMPOWER FIT App weekly.

($197 VALUE)

Is TIGHT, TONED, AND TRANSFORMED the right program for me?

Who SHOULD NOT Book Their Body Breakthrough Session?

  • Women who aren’t coachable or don’t take instruction well...
  • ​Women who don’t take responsibility for their actions ...
  • Women who are not willing to try something new to get new and better results. If you already “know-it-all” please do not book a call...
  • Men. This is a women’s ONLY fitness program...
  • Women who are time wasters and aren’t actually serious about making a real body transformation...
  • Women who are not prepared to put in hard work when it counts...


Who SHOULD Book Their Body Breakthrough Session?

  • Women who are at least 35 years old...
  • Women who are coachable and prepared to follow instructions...
  • ​Women who want to show up for themselves and their family as the absolute best and greatest version of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally...
  • Women who want to perform at their peak level in every area of their lives...
  • Women who are driven and passionate about getting results and improving the quality of their life...
  • Women who are sick of hating what they see in the mirror everyday and ready to make a permanent, positive body transformation...
  • Women who are ready to melt 20-40lbs of unwanted fat off their midsection, legs, butt, and arms for toned, and beautiful curves...
  • Women who are ready to take a stand and FINALLY do something for themselves...

Frequently Asked Questions

 How soon will I start losing weight?

That’s up to you. If you’re willing to put in the effort and follow the program, then you will likely start feeling a noticeable difference within about a week.

And most of my clients start actually SEEING noticeable results in the mirror within 2-3 weeks.

It’s this simple…

If you follow the simple program I’m going to give you to a T, you will get results.

 I have never hired a fitness coach and it’s intimidating. Shouldn’t I make some progress on my own first?

You certainly can...but I can’t promise you’ll get results.

Let me ask you this…

If you needed your car repaired, would you:

A - waste time and money trying to figure it out on your own for who knows how long and probably break a few things in the process?


B - invest in a professional who knows exactly what to do in the safest, most time efficient way possible?

It’s the SAME thing with fitness.

It is possible to get results on your own…but it’s harder and will likely take you a long, LONG time before you get any real traction.

But with a coach, you can start getting noticeable and permanent weight loss results in just a few weeks!

If you’re 100% serious about making a change, don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to make the investment in your future.

 Do you oversee my actual workout program and nutrition plans?

Yes. I will be monitoring everything you're doing from my end.

Your workouts, your nutrition, literally everything.

 How long does your program last?

The program is 6 months long.

 Will I get the support I need after I finish the program?

When you finish your initial 6 months we’ll talk about what it looks like to build you a long term sustainability program.

Most people who do fitness programs get fast results…

...but then gain all the weight back after the program ends.

That’s NOT what we do in Tight, Toned, And Transformed.

After you finish the program we’ll build you a long term lifestyle fitness plan that you can use forever.

 What if I have food allergies? Will you force me to eat what’s on your meal plan?

Of course not!

I’ve never force fed any of my clients and I don’t plan on starting now lol.

One of the beautiful things about this program is that you will not be expected to follow a strict, boring, “tastes like cardboard” meal plan.

Instead, you’ll be taught to reach your goals using complete nutritional freedom after learning the basics of healthy eating.

 How do I keep losing weight after I hit a plateau?

That's what my job is.

Once you hit a plateau I will help you change your nutrition and exercises so that you will continue losing weight after you hit a plateau.

 I’m scared to invest.

I understand what it’s like to be scared to commit to make a big life change.

I was scared too and only changed my own life after I almost lost it in my car crash.

My recommendation?

Make the change you want to make today before life MAKES you change your life.

It’s not only cheaper, but EASIER to start today than waiting until tomorrow, next week, or next year.

 What if I need to speak to someone in my circle before making a decision?

If you're not the final decision maker in regards to joining the program and investing in your own health, then the other person who helps you make decisions will need to be on the call as well so that a firm decision can be made.

 I’m not 35 yet, but I want to join. Will this work for me?

It’s possible.

If you are 100% serious about making a change in your body and your life, book a call and we can explore whether or not you are a good fit to join the Tight, Toned, And Transformed Fitness Program.

 Do I need a gym membership to participate?

Nope! Not at all.

I’ve built this program to generate incredible results whether you're training in a full commercial gym, or training at home with zero equipment.

This means no matter where you are, and no matter what you have access to, you'll still be able to kill it!

 Do you include check in to make sure I'm staying on track?


I will be checking in with you almost daily to make sure things are going well, but definitely during our weekly check-ins.

 What’s the commitment?

When you join today you are committing to a 6 month transformation.

Fitness takes time.

But 6 months is a small commitment to transform your body forever.

 What if there is an exercise I can’t do or doesn’t feel good?

If for whatever reason something feels “off”, then let me know and we will change the exercise for you immediately.

 How much should I set aside for groceries and supplements?

Nothing more than you already are spending each week.

In fact I'm probably going to save you money because you will be buying food that makes you feel fuller and happier for longer.

And P.S.

No supplements are required unless you really like them ;)

We will focus more on eating REAL food that’s good for your body.

 Can I still drink alcohol on this program?


Fitness is supposed to be fun, so we will custom build your plan to make this work. We will make this work with your plan, and this goes for any food.

I will teach how to achieve your goal while STILL enjoying the foods you love!

 Is there a discount if you pay in full?

Yes! And I strongly recommend it.

And this is why...

By paying in full you are not just making a commitment to me, your coach…

You are making a commitment to YOU and YOUR lifestyle change.

Because of this, my clients that pay in full almost always get better results and KEEP those results for longer.

 Do I need to do a bunch of cardio on this program?


Cardio is good if you want to learn how to run a marathon…

But not very good for burning fat and losing weight.

That’s why we will focus more on fat loss exercises that take less time and get you better results.

 How do I know if I’m ready to join your program? I feel I am way too busy with my work and kids. I hardly have time to take a shower…

The majority of my clients are in a constant state of “busy”.

They are women who have spent their lives working for everybody else instead of working on themselves.

Well, this is an opportunity for you…

Are you ready to finally say YES to doing something for yourself?

Or would you rather spend the rest of your life always taking care of everybody else?

The choice is yours, but in my experience the more you take care of yourself, the more you are able to give to the people around you AND the world.

If you’re ready, you’ll make time.

Plus, you really only need about 15 minutes a day to make a real body transformation.

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